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Notes from a Weekend Spent in Hudson.

I spent Memorial Day weekend with my little sister up in Hudson, NY. It was a lovely escape: from the preoccupations of people & place that one has at home. On my way up, I stopped at Storm King. My … Continue reading

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An Apt Expression.

I have started watching (ok, re-watching; fine, re-re-watching) the TV series Felicity on Netflix InstantWatch this week. I text my sister: “The summer of Felicity has begun!” (Two summers ago it was “The Summer of Daria,” which, granted, might have been … Continue reading

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Even though it is not yet Memorial Day, it’s sort of the academic’s summer already. Graduation last week (last post). Now summer classes have started. Friday Miss Williams and I took to Atlantic City. Saturday I went to Margate with … Continue reading

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On Commencement and Analepsis Shock.

We had commencement at the college in Mays Landing today. It was a perfect day; the kind of day in May that is cool and when everything is in bloom (the graduates; the trees) and when one wants never to … Continue reading

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Who Said It This Week? (5/8–5/15)

Match the texts with the authors: A. Caroline B. Miss Williams C. Winters D. Effie/maman E. Rachel/my little sister 1. “So, I just realized that all of the classical great earth-shattering jazz recordings of the 50s… Like Miles Davis, John … Continue reading

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Excerpts from a Friday Night Conversation on Miss Williams’ Porch.

Miss Williams! Mr. Russell! Your present, Mr. Russell! I love it! I love. This summer: terrariums and Cornell boxes, then! (And alleyways. And Whitman. And Wilde. But no more Bosies. Bosies are bad for business.) I brought you a few … Continue reading

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The View Since Monday.

On Monday I had my final conference with Kathy Graber. The first thing she said to me when I entered her office was, “You have a real knack for creative nonfiction,” which was peculiar because I was taking her Poetry … Continue reading

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