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Notes from a Weekend Spent in Hudson.

I spent Memorial Day weekend with my little sister up in Hudson, NY. It was a lovely escape: from the preoccupations of people & place that one has at home. On my way up, I stopped at Storm King. My … Continue reading

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An Apt Expression.

I have started watching (ok, re-watching; fine, re-re-watching) the TV series Felicity on Netflix InstantWatch this week. I text my sister: “The summer of Felicity has begun!” (Two summers ago it was “The Summer of Daria,” which, granted, might have been … Continue reading

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Even though it is not yet Memorial Day, it’s sort of the academic’s summer already. Graduation last week (last post). Now summer classes have started. Friday Miss Williams and I took to Atlantic City. Saturday I went to Margate with … Continue reading

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On Commencement and Analepsis Shock.

We had commencement at the college in Mays Landing today. It was a perfect day; the kind of day in May that is cool and when everything is in bloom (the graduates; the trees) and when one wants never to … Continue reading

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Who Said It This Week? (5/8–5/15)

Match the texts with the authors: A. Caroline B. Miss Williams C. Winters D. Effie/maman E. Rachel/my little sister 1. “So, I just realized that all of the classical great earth-shattering jazz recordings of the 50s… Like Miles Davis, John … Continue reading

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Excerpts from a Friday Night Conversation on Miss Williams’ Porch.

Miss Williams! Mr. Russell! Your present, Mr. Russell! I love it! I love. This summer: terrariums and Cornell boxes, then! (And alleyways. And Whitman. And Wilde. But no more Bosies. Bosies are bad for business.) I brought you a few … Continue reading

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The View Since Monday.

On Monday I had my final conference with Kathy Graber. The first thing she said to me when I entered her office was, “You have a real knack for creative nonfiction,” which was peculiar because I was taking her Poetry … Continue reading

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On Revisions: A Re-visioning.

I am working on revisions for Kathy Graber’s class this weekend. I have a difficult time of it. Prose, for me, is simpler to reform. I can spot a stray sentence-hair that needs plucking. With poetry. Those stanzas. Fragments. Well. … Continue reading

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Narrative Speed and Neutrinos; with a Digression on Daydreaming; see also “Birth Chart.”

I have been thinking a lot about the narrative and neutrinos (and the narrative of neutrinos) ever since that student’s presentation last week. Narrative speed, the relationship between the duration of the narrated––the (approximate) amount of time (presumably) covered by the … Continue reading

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Come what May.

I didn’t get enough sleep last night to contend with you, new May month. Em writes, “There’s something about the end of a semester, even as an instructor. That whole whiff of possibility thing.” That is what I am thinking … Continue reading

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