This is Rich.

I live, write, teach, make zines here in South Jersey.

Tea is served at half-past three.

I leave most of the twittering to the birds; though on occasion.

Sometimes I take pictures, if rather badly.

I love getting letters: Rich @ P.O. Box 828, Ocean City, NJ 08226
(E-mail is ok:

And I used to blog here.

“I sometimes don’t think you need to explain yourself as much is the
only thing. Though the narrative does––did I tell you this already?––
remind me of a modern Speak, Memory.” ––Rachel Alina

1 Response to This is Rich.

  1. ketsana says:

    I am a teacher in Ohio. I just wanted to say I love your sense of humor. Grammar Girl led me your way and I am so glad! I just started a blog, mostly for grad school but I am trying to continue as much as I can. Any help and encouragement would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much. Ketsana

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