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An Apt Expression.

I have started watching (ok, re-watching; fine, re-re-watching) the TV series Felicity on Netflix InstantWatch this week. I text my sister: “The summer of Felicity has begun!” (Two summers ago it was “The Summer of Daria,” which, granted, might have been … Continue reading

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On Commencement and Analepsis Shock.

We had commencement at the college in Mays Landing today. It was a perfect day; the kind of day in May that is cool and when everything is in bloom (the graduates; the trees) and when one wants never to … Continue reading

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Narrative Speed and Neutrinos; with a Digression on Daydreaming; see also “Birth Chart.”

I have been thinking a lot about the narrative and neutrinos (and the narrative of neutrinos) ever since that student’s presentation last week. Narrative speed, the relationship between the duration of the narrated––the (approximate) amount of time (presumably) covered by the … Continue reading

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