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[As of setting stylishly be-socked foot in the classroom on September 4, I am a tenured Assistant Professor of English here at the college. Here is part of the opening narrative I put together for the tenure packet.] I have … Continue reading

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From an email to Fran, 12/13/17

Francis, we are in the last tight squeeze of the semester. One more day of classes for me and then exams next week. I was speaking to a student yesterday about this time of year. She was saying that she … Continue reading

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Porching, 6/19

Uncle Bob: If I could relive any year–– Karen: Ooh, I love this game! Uncle Bob: It would be the summer of either ’67 or ’68. Karen: And you, Mr. Russell? Oh, I know… That year in London. Uncle Bob finds … Continue reading

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Week 1: Thomas Cole and the sublime

THE passion caused by the great and sublime in nature is astonishment, and astonishment is that state of the soul in which all its motions are suspended, with some degree of horror. The mind is so entirely filled with its … Continue reading

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“I mean, to whom do you beautifully belong?” ––Henry James

Remember?––it was on that hot day in April when we sat out in the quad under a tree. I gave you-all the article from that month’s Atlantic on the end of whom; and asked, “Will any of us really miss it?” … Continue reading

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TST: “Let’s Go”––Matt & Kim

Miss Williams & I went to the Matt & Kim show at the HoB in AC last month. Such a fun time!

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TST: “Golden Revolver”––San Cisco

My sister sends me songs she’s recording/mixing on Thursdays; ones to inspire me through the next week (or at least through the weekend). Most of them are TOP SECRET. She calls this practice “Theme Song Thursday.” Here’s my theme song … Continue reading

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