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“Bad Zine, Everyone’s Fault: A Zine Reading Tour”––Pine Barrens stop

After a beautiful meal at Celina’s with Lauren & her hubby (who still has that “new-hubby” sheen about him), we walked across the parkinglot to Barista’s for “Bad Zine, Everyone’s Fault,” which I expected to send out the hipster signal … Continue reading

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Bad Zine/Zine Reading Tour happening tonight!

John Guttschall is organizing a reading featuring some keen zinesters from the Chicago area; plus natives like me & Dan Sanchez, who is a GOD. I’ve corralled some stray, kittenish zines from the past two years into a box; hope … Continue reading

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The Accordion Zine & “The Rich Russell”

While watching Harper’s Island on Netflix last night (no, I don’t know how I started watching this 2009 mini-series either, but it happened; it happens; and at least I’ve moved on from Felicity, right?), I folded/cut/taped/pressed some zines for the … Continue reading

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Adventures at the Post Office

Yesterday morning, after picking up scones for me & Gerri (artistic sustenance), I made a quick stop at the post office on my way out of town. The lobby of the old building on 9th Street was open, but the window … Continue reading

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Bookmaking Scull, Part II

Gerri & I met again this morning to finish our first collaborative “installation piece” for the Alley Art exhibit next month. I love working with paper: there is something so soothing about using the bonefolder to score & then to … Continue reading

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Bookmaking Scull

My friend Gerri & I have been meeting Mondays to work on our alleyways poems. We’ve moved into the presentation stage, even if we’re both still a bit uncertain re: the text. (I have five poems that are rather “eh;” … Continue reading

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LWC, 7/4 edition

This morning, Miss Williams, Caroline (& Gigi & Evan), Effie & I went foraging for fresh produce/sundry-goodies (cheese, honey, pickles for Miss Williams) at the Ocean City Farmer’s Market. I picked up Miss Williams at quarter-to-nine; took refuge on her … Continue reading

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All Summer Breakfast, Act I

So, you know, my dad & I go to breakfast every Sunday at 7:30. This summer, the weekend before Memorial Day as local businesses were beginning to unfurl their awnings, the Judge issued the following edict: that we should go … Continue reading

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