All Summer Breakfast, Act I

So, you know, my dad & I go to breakfast every Sunday at 7:30. This summer, the weekend before Memorial Day as local businesses were beginning to unfurl their awnings, the Judge issued the following edict: that we should go to every establishment in Ocean City that a) is located on the boardwalk; b) serves breakfast (natch); and c) is open at 7:30. So we have been, and this is where we’ve been so far & have still to go.

Week 1: Brown’s, St. Charles & the Boardwalk

Our friend Nick makes the toast & Brown’s is open well into the fall; usually the last weekend for them is Thanksgiving; how I love Thanksgiving. Brown’s reminds me of the gentler climes of October & November. (In truth, I am not much for this summer stuff.) Plus, the name alone is just as toothsome as their blueberry hotcakes. (Somewhat related: I just read this Good article on brownwashing.)

Week 2: Northend Beach Grill (we went a bit out of order), 9 Beach Rd. (and, fair enough: it’s not technically on the boardwalk)

This place is the bee’s knees. I come for the omelettes & sweet potato home fries. (In fact, Miss Williams & I met here last Friday to celebrate her first day of summer break!)

Week 3: Oves, 4th & the Boardwalk

Eh, rather forgettable, I thought; I can’t even find the picture I took. I think I had eggs/an omelette? Still, it’s been a boardwalk institution for years now.

Week 4: George’s, 7th & the Boardwalk

Blueberry “Pan-Pans.” Still, I rather like my hotcakes a bit browner than all this. But Miss Williams was the special guest this week, which is always a plus.

Week 5: Ocean Cafe, 8th & the Boardwalk

Here’s where we spent Father’s Day; even Effie deigned to make an appearance. (She usually isn’t ready for the world at 7:30 on a Sunday.) I think the food was good; I can’t remember. I remember it was cloudy and just so cool, which was nice; I love those cool-cloudy early June days, especially now that it is (it’s official) July, July.

Week 6: Litterer’s, 840 Boardwalk

This is where Effie had her first summer job many moons ago; when she decided, on a whim, to go to the South Jersey shore with a friend; driving out from Western Pennsylvania not knowing who awaited her here. She had only intended to go for the summer. Then she met my dad. Unlike the button mushrooms in my omelette, their romance was perfectly cooked.

Week 7: Bashful Banana, Ocean Colony Walk (b/w 9th & 10th on the Boardwalk)

[This was just a few hours ago.] Delicious wholegrain banana walnut pancakes, which rather reminded me of the banana walnut pancakes I would get at EJ’s when I lived in New York, except that these came with fresh-ground flax, so I will be zippy all day now!

Next week: Clancy’s!
Still to come: Beach Club (a fav), Port-O-Call, and lastly Bob’s.

If we’ve missed a spot, you will remind us, I’m sure.

I also need to blog about recent museum visits & the status of this Somers Point alleyways project (ok, ok, I will, I will. I’ve only been on summer break since Thursday when summer classes ended).

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