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Movie Annotations: February–March

It’s that time in the semester when I feel like all I do is grade stuff. Even when I read The New Yorker now I start to feel compelled to comment in the margins –– right hand twitching as if … Continue reading

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Good Things: The First Week of Spring!

Here is a partial list of good things that have happened this week: 1. The weather. While seasonal allergies have been making my eyes all sort of foggy, the warming daytime weather has been admittedly rather lush. Better still, the … Continue reading

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All Tuesday in a Triptych: The First Day of Spring! (3/20)

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Boxing Alleyways

A friend has invited me to be part of a local exhibit this summer. The theme: alleyways. I’ll be contributing written work, of course, (a zine is likely), but I’d also like to incorporate some visual elements as well, both … Continue reading

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The Art of Uncluttering

All spring break I have looked forward to uncluttering my apartment; to getting rid of stuff. Finally I found a bit of time to do that today. First, clothes. Next, papers/cardboard (a random sample). Also: fresh from the shredder. And: … Continue reading

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Everything’s Zen; And Then; Also: Wen.

I went to the beach today; to think, the beach in mid-March! –– with this being the winter still & all. But it was so lovely out; just so lovely today. I think it hit 70° even here in Ocean … Continue reading

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Triptychy Tuesday (3/13)

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Dispatches from The Homestead (3/12): In Which The Bunnies Have Been Gotten Down.

Effie has decorated her house (our family homestead) for Easter, which means bringing out “the bunnies.” Usually she’ll start talking about getting down her bunnies [that is, get them down from the attic; although now I want the phrase get … Continue reading

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On the Cusp of Spring, I Have Lunch with Mr. Winters.

[Sometime later…] I have a quick drink at my apartment with Emily, where there are books leftover on the table from the first half of the semester (see below). As we quickly catch up, I tell her a story from … Continue reading

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It’s Making Me Blue / Pantone 292**

** Last night, Miss Williams & I bundled ourselves into my little inferno-orange car to head into the city for The Magnetic Fields show at Union Transfer. Always a lovely time it is with the Miss Williams. We were early, … Continue reading

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