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Movie Annotations: February–March

It’s that time in the semester when I feel like all I do is grade stuff. Even when I read The New Yorker now I start to feel compelled to comment in the margins –– right hand twitching as if … Continue reading

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Good Things: The First Week of Spring!

Here is a partial list of good things that have happened this week: 1. The weather. While seasonal allergies have been making my eyes all sort of foggy, the warming daytime weather has been admittedly rather lush. Better still, the … Continue reading

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All Tuesday in a Triptych: The First Day of Spring! (3/20)

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Boxing Alleyways

A friend has invited me to be part of a local exhibit this summer. The theme: alleyways. I’ll be contributing written work, of course, (a zine is likely), but I’d also like to incorporate some visual elements as well, both … Continue reading

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The Art of Uncluttering

All spring break I have looked forward to uncluttering my apartment; to getting rid of stuff. Finally I found a bit of time to do that today. First, clothes. Next, papers/cardboard (a random sample). Also: fresh from the shredder. And: … Continue reading

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Everything’s Zen; And Then; Also: Wen.

I went to the beach today; to think, the beach in mid-March! –– with this being the winter still & all. But it was so lovely out; just so lovely today. I think it hit 70° even here in Ocean … Continue reading

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Triptychy Tuesday (3/13)

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