Everything’s Zen; And Then; Also: Wen.

I went to the beach today; to think, the beach in mid-March! –– with this being the winter still & all. But it was so lovely out; just so lovely today. I think it hit 70° even here in Ocean City. So I grabbed a book & walked down for a rendezvous with Today. (That’s going to be the title of the first self-help book I publish: A Rendezvous with Today.)

Every so often the cold breeze from the ocean would smack you in the face, but I think that’s rather good for the skin in itself, isn’t it? Exfoliation en plein air.

The cold-warm sun; the ocean; this day in March.

A Thousand Splendid Suns.

Then my cell phone started ringing & I was shaken back to more worldly concerns re: school stuff, etc. What, is not everyone on spring break this week?

Miss Williams invited me over to her house for dinner tonight. So I ambled over to the historic district, which is just a few blocks away. We ate on her porch & watched the neighborhood cats in their kittenish gambol across the way.

Later I unboxed the new Wen shampoo I ordered. My friend at school, who knows hair, said that she uses this; that I should not be discouraged that it doesn’t lather-up like other shampoos.

Whatever helps me to wash the concerns of the world from this heavy head of mine. Too much stress isn’t good for me or my hairline, after all.

Coming soon: A Rendezvous with Tomorrow™

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