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Drove the Inferno Orange Car to Dante Hall Last Night.

I stopped to pick up Emily in Ventnor City, who asked, “Something to drink?” and just as I was articulating a no, I’m fine, her not-quite-two-year old son rushed over to me with a Budweiser. Hank handed me the bottle, … Continue reading

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Open Mic/Reading Tonight––Dante Hall in Atlantic City.

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Bad Zine/Zine Reading Tour happening tonight!

John Guttschall is organizing a reading featuring some keen zinesters from the Chicago area; plus natives like me & Dan Sanchez, who is a GOD. I’ve corralled some stray, kittenish zines from the past two years into a box; hope … Continue reading

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The Accordion Zine & “The Rich Russell”

While watching Harper’s Island on Netflix last night (no, I don’t know how I started watching this 2009 mini-series either, but it happened; it happens; and at least I’ve moved on from Felicity, right?), I folded/cut/taped/pressed some zines for the … Continue reading

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The Whitmaniacs.

So Tyler & I decided to take a trip to Walt Whitman’s house in Camden on Friday. For years I’ve wanted to make the pilgrimage. “Do you know why the bridge is named for him?” I’ve asked students, and they … Continue reading

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This Week in Poetry; This Moment in June.

On Tuesday night, Emily & I went to The Boneyard in AC to check out John Gutts & his open mic night. On the ride home, I admitted to sometimes having a notion to start a cricket farm; to be … Continue reading

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On Revisions: A Re-visioning.

I am working on revisions for Kathy Graber’s class this weekend. I have a difficult time of it. Prose, for me, is simpler to reform. I can spot a stray sentence-hair that needs plucking. With poetry. Those stanzas. Fragments. Well. … Continue reading

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