Sunday, 4/29

Poetry month is almost over; up next: May. Tomorrow is my last day at Stockton until the fall. Until the fall. It has such an ache to it.

I am grading research papers. I also need to start revising four poems for Kathy’s class. We’re having a class reading tomorrow, but I will not be revised into action by then.

One of the poems I am thinking of revising is this:

Notes from the Printer

Put the cover
in the

All there is
is white-

The bleed is

The cover needs
to bleed; bleed
the cuticle

will pixellate the

Pink leaves and
purple vetch

coverThe title is
too close to the

You can’t
have that I

I don’t know
what to
tell you

All I
asked for

vetch and

Call me
at your

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1 Response to Sunday, 4/29

  1. knitxcore says:

    i really love this. it reads like an emotionally abusive relationship. lol. meet me by ruby tuesday. we’ll discuss the purple bleed.

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