Saturday, 4/28

Kathy Graber is reading at the Noyes this afternoon! Afterwards, I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend thereafter. I feel very calm, for some reason, this morning, and hope it will last.

At the South Jersey translation
of Irish pub, the cover band
a youth re-remembered:
All that shimmers in
this world is…

You invent backstories for
them; give them a context
for their trouble.
The Stevie Nicks frontwoman
works in a doctor’s office by day;
she sings along to the radio.
Her backup, in cargo short fatigues
& goatee, labors at the Jiffy Lube while
dreaming of soft bunnies.

Tonight, you say,
here in a strip mall bar,
they will have a peak
experience; feelings of
limitless horizons;

maybe not unlike the
connection of Forster;
the one-ness of Brahman;

(but they do not cover
Nirvana.) It is like
having Lithium on,
everything slowing

And she screams and
her voice is straining

as refracted
through late April night.

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