Bookmaking Scull

My friend Gerri & I have been meeting Mondays to work on our alleyways poems. We’ve moved into the presentation stage, even if we’re both still a bit uncertain re: the text. (I have five poems that are rather “eh;” (I don’t consider myself a poet-poet, recall.)) I’m making a smattering of zines (see Fig. 1) & collaborating with her on a box book (see Fig. 2), which will feature a bit of verse from me on the inside wall & some Gerri-prose on the outside. It’s modeled after the odd ruins of some garage that we came across in Scull Alley (see Fig. 3).

After the box book is finished, I’ll post more notes on the process. Actually, this picture is just of a model we mocked-up this morning; when we meet next Monday to assemble the “real” box book, I’ll try to remember to document each part so you can make your own Garage Ruins Box Book. (I mean: why wouldn’t you?)

Figure 1. Alleyzines in progress.
From Instagram: rarjr

Figure 2. A model for the Scull Alley box book.
From Instagram: rarjr

Figure 3. Scull Alley ruins.
From Instagram: rarjr

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