Who Said It This Week? (5/8–5/15)

The End of the Semester

Match the texts with the authors:

A. Caroline
B. Miss Williams
C. Winters
D. Effie/maman
E. Rachel/my little sister

1. “So, I just realized that all of the classical great earth-shattering jazz recordings of the 50s… Like Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, all the GREATS… Were recorded by a guy in Jersey at his parents’ house where he was living… Working as an optometrist during the day… I’ve known this, but for some reason the parallel between that and us as ‘Emily Dickinson children’ finally clicked.”

2. “Unfortunately, I don’t think smart people are reproducing at a high enough rate.”

3. “When I see a parent feeding their toddler those Lunchables, I consider it child abuse.”

4. “You’ll recognize me by my sloppy seasonal garb.”

5. “A perfect day for the Shore Mall. What will you get there? Melancholy and discount socks?”

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2 Responses to Who Said It This Week? (5/8–5/15)

  1. Caroline says:

    You, my friend, will always make me laugh! There are not enough words to say about how clever this and you are!

  2. rachalina says:

    I’m stumped here (except for the obvious…) Is mom 2? Who is 3 and how can I hang out with them?

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