Today Martha is harvesting the artichokes…

It’s been a week of August already: a weak august.

I have become newly obsessed with “Martha’s Month” in Martha Stewart’s Living magazine.

(I remember: my mom used to have a parody entitled Is Martha Stewart Living? I wonder if she still has that somewhere.)

To clarify: I binged on magazines recently. I just went into the Acme (this always happens at the Acme for some reason; where somebody should just smack-me) and looked & looked and then just shoveled them all into my red shopping basket with a few bottles of on-sale coconut water & shamefully checked myself out. (But you know what I mean.)

Magazines––aren’t they?––are like wallpaper for reality, I must think.

So, one of the magazines was Living.

I wonder what my own calendar would look like for the month. I know, at least, what it has been these last weeks; what it will be the next few days.

Sunday, July 29th: Breakfast with dad. Coffee with Madison. Order $30’s worth of temporary tattoos online. Expect rain for days today.

Monday, July 30th: British Chip Shop in Haddonfield. Don’t get the scone with clotted cream: you’ll be disappointed. (Update: But it was too late.)

Tuesday, July 31st: Today is the day. (I don’t remember what that meant, but it was written in my desk “diary.”)

La pleine lune.

Wednesday, August 1st: O.C. Farmer’s Market. Buy ridiculous bird lamp at the Marshalls. Read Sheila Heiti’s How Should a Person Be? and love it, too much maybe.

Get peaches.

Thursday, August 2nd: Lunch with Lauren. Later: The Continental/Buddakan & The Revel.

Remember to thank Aubri for that crispy calamari salad (your favorite).

Friday, August 3rd: Alleyways art reception/reading.

Saturday: August 4th: Coffee with Brittany. Danny’s wedding. (That girl was there* from the Avalon yacht club; was there at the reception; the photographer––what was her name? Gloria. You will tell her, for some reason, that you are thinking of running away to the city. She will encourage you to: go.)

*You saw her pouring the “signature drink” of iced tea + muddled mint + vodka into mason jars. You looked up & said to someone, “I should have had the signature drink.” And that’s when Gloria will smile at you & you will say, “I know you.”

Sunday, August 5th: Breakfast with the parents at the Port-O-Call. Coffee with Sam at the BAM. Expect a visit from the great sadness.

Monday, August 6th: Fill in at the law office. Read/cull magazines; they are taking over.

Tuesday, August 7th: Call your sister. Drinks with Emily and her sisters. You will accidentally take Em’s Foster Grants on your way out & leave your faux wayfarers. Water the plants on your deck, Richard.

Wednesday, August 8th: New Student Day. Lunch with Caroline & Gigi. Check out Home Made. Visit Susan at The Dutch Rose. Open House in Mays Landing.

On a note inside the English Classic Series (1889) “The Faerie Queene,” Susan has written “You know publishing via paper is slowly dying.”

Thursday, August 9th: Stockton to see the “Works on Paper” exhibit a second time. Apple store at The Pier to meet with a genius about your anemic battery. Why haven’t you watered the plants yet?

Friday, August 10th: Rita’s art reception. Remember what Gloria said. Remember what your mother told you. Remember that? Remember.

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