Tuesday, 4/24

My friend Aubri, who was once a student but who now has become a classmate and even teacher (we have exchanged all of the old titles for new, better-fitting ones), wrote this wonderful poem that she presented at the Creative Writing Colloquium yesterday and also workshopped in Kathy’s class, tentatively titled “I hate the I,” which rather inspired the first line of the second stanza that I’ve sketched out here; also, I decided to use the lower-case “i,” which I never do, you know.

This is just something I scribbled out while waking up just now. I have to go to the DMV to renew my car registration this morning. Then: a long day’s journey into night when I can return to my fluffy little nest of pillows.

i’m thinking about
walter pater;
all art
aspires to music;

i aspire this i
to just
lie down
in the grass
in the cool grass

& allow
just be
for us


(I guess that’s all the “i” I’ve got in me just now.)

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3 Responses to Tuesday, 4/24

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  2. Mitchell Roth says:

    Poetically speaking…soon enough, your “i” will lay down with your id and your ass in the cool grass.

    I used the lower case “i’ the first 30 years I wrote poetry, telling myself that the lower case was more a democracy, that no words should tower over any others in importance. If anything, I thought, verbs should be capitalized. After all, verbs provide impetus and are out on the dance floor, while nouns line the gymnasium walls, hoping for verb to reach for their hand.

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