Monday, 4/23

This will be quite the week!

Research paper presentations at Stockton! Creative Writing Colloquium! Sigma Kappa Delta Induction/Lunch! Board of Trustees meeting! Poetry Day at O.C. High School! Student Government banquet! Kathy Graber reading at the Noyes on Saturday!

One more “something” about my Western PA relatives; this one was written back in September, I think. I think it was for something 826 Valencia was doing; I believe the story had to be 82.6 words long. Is this; does that include the title, too? Oh well.

I wish the content of this wasn’t true: but it is.

Janet Calls Her Mother-in-Law

Margy, it’s me. I need you to take the kids next week. Well, cancel the church retreat. Because I’m having surgery done. What does it matter what for? For your information, my doctor says if I ever wanna have sex again, my bladder, it needs to go in a sling. Margy,  you still there? Yes. I mean, I may be sixty fucking years old, but I just lost twenty pounds. That puts me within seventy-five pounds of my goal weight, so. Hello? Mar––?

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