Free classes this fall: Creative Writing & World Literature!

I’ve gotten a wee bit o’erwhelmed this week in starting to plan for the fall term. I have to run out to the college tomorrow for a hot minute to drop off syllabi to be copied.

These next two weeks are going to be JAM-PACKED, what with preparing for the new semester (though I do so love the fall term; much moreso than the spring; although last spring was rather lovely––I feel last spring I learned more from my students than perhaps they did from me; it’s unfair, but that happens sometimes, it happens…), visiting my sister in Hudson next weekend for her birthday, and flying out to San Francisco over Labor Day to officiate the wedding of my friends Anne & Tommy (say whaatt?). Did I forget to mention that this week I became a minister? I can now get couples hitched, babies baptized, and sinners absolved! ––Step right up; queue forms to the right.

Anyway, I’ve decided that starting this fall I’m going to re-post what we did each week in an advanced section of Creative Writing I taught last spring, and also highlight what we’re working on in World Literature, in case any of you out there would like to follow along at home. I mean, you won’t get credits or anything; but for any hungry, hungry minds out there, I figure why not MOOC myself out?

I’m not really sure how it will all work just yet. In my “real” online classes we have weekly discussions. I might just allow discussion to take place in the comments area. Or if no one has anything to say (or if no one’s there), I’ll still just post up the resources for future reference; sound good?

I expect to start posting the agenda for each week when I return from San Fran; so, shall we say around September 3rd-ish?

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