Printed texts: August 1st to August 9th.

This morning, as it looked to rain––after a quick walk with Effie, and on a whim––I decided to print out on index cards some text messages I had sent to friends this week & set them up around the apartment to Instagram.



(This is what other people do on rainy summer mornings, right? I mean: I feel other people have done this, too.)

Text messages just sometimes feel so unintentional; not like letters. But I cherish the texts I receive from friends; sometimes I find myself, during spare moments, re-reading them like letters I tote around in my pocket. It also doesn’t hurt that I have such poetic pals.

(But I would never share your messages on here. Those are just for us; only ours.)

Anyway; I’m off to Rita’s art reception tonight. Like a dutiful paparazzo, I will be sure to snappy-snap some pics.

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