Netflix Picks for the first weekend of June.

My insistent sister wants me to start weekly recommendations for shows and movies she can watch instantly on Netflix. She has no cable but does have an Internet-ready TV in her attic apartment in Hudson; this is very much the way now, isn’t it?

But what does it really even matter, sister, when I know any free time you have this weekend will invariably be spent watching Felicity?

But I have watched two other quick “chick” flicks in the past few weeks worth mentioning.

Tiny Furniture

Take-away line: “I think you sound like you’re in the epilogue to Felicity.”

I was housesitting for the parents a few weekends back and got to catch up on HBO (i.e., “rich people’s cable”), including Lena Dunham’s new series Girls, which is good; I mean, it’s no Felicity or anything; no My So-Called Life. Anyway, watching the first four episodes of Girls motivated me to check out Dunham’s first feature Tiny Furniture, which has been in the Instant Queue since it was in theaters. You know, it’s interesting to think about it two/three weeks later, because at the time I remember texting Rachel, “You need to watch this movie Tiny Furniture!” –– and gave it four stars! = “really liked it!” –– but now I feel rather, “Well, it was what it was,” about the whole endeavor. But it’s worth checking out. I guess I need to talk to someone about it; perhaps, where at first I was one of the over-zealous, I have climbed up on a picketed fence to take a bit of a breather.

If you watch it, let me know what you think, ok? We’ll talk.

I will say that even though Dunham plays rather uncomfortable, self-absorbed characters in both her series and the movie, there is (of course) the twinge of recognition that all of her generation must find themselves (ourselves) suffering; thus, I do ultimately always find her sympathetic; or want to, anyway. I like her: and I want to like her at times when I am not actively liking her, like in some of those exchanges she has with her mother (played by her real-life mother).

Love and Other Disasters

Take-away line: “Love isn’t always a lightning bolt, you know? Maybe sometimes it’s just a choice.” (Quel existentialist, n’est-ce pas?)

So Rachel recommended this to me, actually –– awhile ago. I watched it the night before I drove up to Hudson. And, Reader, I LOVED IT! Maybe/probably more than I should have. It was just very fun; Brittany Murphy tripping go-lightly around London; looking cute amidst a bevy of attractive men; Catherine Tate (need I say more). What’s not to flip over?


I need to find time to watch the two, “true” DVDs I have from Netflix (Waltz with Bashir and The Future); maybe one tonight. I used to get SNA (Severe Netflix Anxiety), but not so much anymore. Bashir, for example, has been waiting patiently since January. It can sit a bit longer.

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