April, 4/4

Two years ago, I think I wrote an original poem every day in April; I think it was because Dan Sanchez was doing it, and I thought, “Well, if it’s good enough for Dan Sanchez, then!”

For some reason I still have a special little place in my heart for this “Master of Ants” poem from 4/21/10; maybe it’s because I saw a tiny ant crawling around in the shower the other day. I guess it’s the season for them again; when they will come estivate in my bath.

The Master of Ants

The ants
have been getting into
the bathroom. They

are the only ones living
in the apartment
besides the master.

I will be Master of the Ants,
then; I will decide which live,
which die; when they die,

it will be swift, efficient.
Those that are spared
will be spared at random.

This is how the Master works.
It his plan, ants. If you live here,
you accept this; you understand.

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