Friday Night Fish Fry with the Folks!

My mom (Effie) has been hankering to try this fish fry at the VFW on First Street in Somers Point for years now. Every Lenten season she says, “I’d like to try that fish fry.” Well, tonight was your lucky night, Effie!

The three of us entered the mead hall not knowing quite what to expect.

We took a seat at one of the unoccupied tables and an overzealous young pip eventually zipped out from the back to take our orders: three fish & chips with accompanying cole slaw.

Bar with Effie in sideview

It may be in rather questionable taste to mention this in the same post, but the fish dinner has newly restored me to revise my poem about the dead whale that I composed for Kathy Graber’s class during the first week of this semester. I hope to get to that at some point this weekend.

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